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cole londeree
is a multi-disciplinary Creative Director based in Los Angeles. Her career spans over a decade in the creative industry.

Creative Ideas
Active Listening
Giving a Shit

No brand’s story is simple. But it can be told with simplicity.

It starts with being curious and continually asking questions. Recognizing biases and promptly setting them aside. Using data to form a viewpoint, not to reinforce an existing one. Above all it requires your full attention and intention, because each story, and each person, deserves to be heard.

Featured work  ·  2018–2023

Education / Finance / Retail / Philanthropy /

Education / Finance / Retail / Philanthropy /

About me

I was first drawn to graphic design for its practicality. Design takes something that can be perceived as lofty (fine art), and makes it accessible by anyone, regardless of training or education. It’s democratic, but more than that it’s something I profoundly enjoy.

Experience has taught me that design is only as successful as the research, strategy, and messaging that accompany it. I’ve been lucky enough to lead teams of creatives and non-creatives alike, and that collaboration has been key to the success of each and every project.

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VP, Brand Strategy + Creative

August 2023–today


AVP, Creative Director

June 2018–August 2023

Cole Londeree LLC

Owner, Contract Creative

July 2017–June 2018


designer, Art Director

June 2012–July 2017


Integrated Leadership

Creative Strategy

Recruitment & Management

Design Systems

Photo & Video Direction

Selected clients

Cornell University

Huntington Bank

Virginia Public Media

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

New York University

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