Beauty and Brains

Over 15 years ago, SimpsonScarborough was founded as a Market Research company for colleges and universities. Today, it still champions higher education, but with a full-service offering of strategic, creative, digital, and media solutions. We were tasked with creating a brand identity that honored their foundations as a data-driven partner, while highlighting the new era of inventive, beautiful, and dynamic work being produced through their expanded services.


Simpson Scarborough


Visual identity



The Objective

The challenge was twofold: to create a brand expression that established SimpsonScarborough as a thought-leader in the industry, but more so to celebrate the work done with colleges and universities. Like any marketing agency, we had to strike a balance between our own branded content and the brands of our partners.

The Results

The SimpsonScarborough team has grown exponentially in the last 3 years alone, and in that time the creative team has quadrupled in size. The gross income of the organization has more than doubled from 2019, and client projects have grown more larger and more integrated into the agency’s full-service offering.

Special thanks to:

Jason Shough,
Katie Schwendeman,
AD/UI Designer
Nik William,
Sr. Designer/Photographer
Zane Roessell

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