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The University of Florida is more than just a top-tier research institution. It has the proven ability to take their discoveries to market — whether it’s grassroots efforts in the state or technological advancements across the globe. It boasts the accomplishments of an elite private school, but with the price tag of a public university.

Despite this, UF was competing for research dollars and top faculty with the Top 5 institutions in the country. They were in need of a bold new approach to catalyze their place amongst the nation’s best universities, while telling the stories that only UF can claim.


The University of Florida


Brand Refresh



The Process

The University’s reputation had made incredible strides in a short amount of time, climbing in the rankings from #9 to #6 in just three years (and they had no intention of slowing down).

Where other institutions rely on their storied histories, UF looks firmly to the future, focusing not just on forward movement, but on momentum. On leveraging advancements in research, technology, and social mobility to go exponentially farther — doing what was once done in decades in a matter of years.

The visual and verbal platform needed to communicate this momentum, highlighting UF’s achievements while asking the question, “what’s next”?

The Launch

Unlike a typical admissions campaign, this brand initiative needed to focus on higher ed peers and the general public, increasing brand awareness and reputation. To do this, we created tactics with scale and impact, placing them in across high-traffic public areas.

The Results

The University of Florida is now ranked as the #5 Top Public School (U.S. News and World Report). It has claimed its spot amongst elite institutions like Berkeley, UCLA, and the University of Virginia.

Special thanks to:

Eve Sherpenberg,
Sr. Copywriter
Katie Schwendeman,
AD/ Designer

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